Corporate Responsibility

P.Michael, Inc is dedicated to social responsibility, safety, and product quality at all levels and phases of production and manufacturing. At P.Michael, Inc., we commit to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, respect for the rights of individuals, and respect for the environment.

Our Code of Conduct defines our commitment to socially responsible labor practices, both internally and at our global manufacturing partners. As a Category D licensee with the Fair Labor Association (FLA), we further commit to promote and comply with international labor standards throughout our supply chain, both within the US and overseas.  We hold our partnered companies accountable for improving standards within the supply chain, to adopt and communicate the FLA code, and to train staff to monitor and remediate non-compliance issues.

P.Michael, Inc retains the right to inspect or send a third party agency to inspect all facilities and review all records to confirm compliance to the Code of Conduct. Agent/Supplier will allow access at any time for the purpose of these inspections to any Vantage and its Suppliers’ employee or representative thereof.